AFTER SO eventful a day, it was to be anticipated that we must always oversleep ourselves, and we didn’t rise till 5 o’clock. Turi and I went directly, breakfastless, into the city, aspiring to take a carriage to the mahala and redeem our promise to help a Moslem child to acquire the superstitious benefits of Christian baptism. We paused to drink a cup of espresso, however had been obliged to stroll the entire means, no carriages being out at so early an hour. The Gypsies, I feel, had not anticipated us so quickly most likely they didn’t actually anticipate us in any respect and we needed to wait in just a little yard or enclosure crowded with bushes of pink roses, whereas the infant was being ready for the ceremony. Ultimately, considerably impatient, we had been referred to as into the home. It had two scrupulously clear rooms, the flooring of which had been lined with matting, however there was neither furnishings nor ornament.

Passing by means of the primary, we entered the second, the place, in the course of the ground, with out cradle or mattress, lay the infant wrapt in a inexperienced quilt. Instructed by Turi, I positioned half a franc on the matting beside it, and, lifting the little bundle, walked out of the home. The Gypsies had been a lot amused as a result of I didn’t know tips on how to maintain it, and took nice pains to show me, particularly an previous girl who gave the impression to be mistress of the ceremonies, and alone accompanied Turi and myself to the church. It was at a substantial distance : we needed to descend the hill by a steep and irregular path, traverse a part of the city, and cross a small river on a precarious plank-bridge.

 After a number of moments it accepted the scenario

At first the infant cried just a little in protest, however after a number of moments it accepted the scenario, smiled and made ridiculous noises to its potential god-father. It was surprisingly heavy, and several other instances the previous girl provided to alleviate me of the burden ; however, decided to do my obligation to the most effective of my capability, I at all times refused. We reached the church at about half-past seven. The priest was not prepared I suspected he was nonetheless in mattress and an official knowledgeable us that we should wait not less than an hour-, which Turi declared to be unimaginable. I used to be disenchanted, wishing to see the journey to its finish. However Turi assured me that, within the sight of God, I used to be actually the toddler’s god-father as a result of I’d pay the priest’s charge; and that the kid can be referred to as Elena after my mom. I had perforce to assent, and gave the previous girl six francs three for the priest and three for a drink after the ceremony. Judging from what I noticed afterwards at Rustshuk, I escaped very cheaply. Had I stayed, and had the competition been carried out with out parsimony, it will have price me a number of kilos.




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