King command

The king commanded silence and he arose to speak

“ Good servants, you’re my friends and I’m completely satisfied to see you right here. A few of you, I remorse to study, aren’t very completely satisfied to be right here. They complain concerning the seating preparations. In reply 1 really feel it essential to reprimand these of you who’ve introduced unseemly issues in my lovely palace. Blocks of wooden, bins, stones, and such like are misplaced within the saloon of a king. I didn’t carry them right here, but I’m blamed for the need of consolation a few of you are actually experiencing. The fault is totally your personal. As a substitute of blaming me it’s best to blame yourselves. Have you ever not heard of the previous proverb : ‘ Within the place the place the tree falleth, there it shall be ’ ? (Eccles. xi. three). ‘ As a person maketh his chair, so should he sit thereon.’ ” The friends then held their peace, lor every one realised that his consolation or discomlort was totally on account of his personal conduct. The banquet got here to an finish and the king dismissed his friends.

After an interval the king once more despatched the next message to all his servants : “ I intend at some future date to offer a banquet. I shall be most completely satisfied to have you ever all as my friends. I anticipate you to arrange yourselves in a turning into method; each one ought to bathe and anoint himseli, costume in his finest gaiments and be prepared to satisfy me in my palace.” The date was not mounted when the banquet was to happen. The smart servants of the king instantly went dwelling and ready themselves for the royal banquet. They even went to the courtyard of the palace in order to not be late on the feast. They mentioned to 1 one other: “ Is it doubtless that, our royal grasp will lack something requisite for the banquet ? He owns flocks and vineyards, and he absolutely is able to feast with us at any second.”

Among the servants had been thought-less

Among the servants, nonetheless, had been thought-less, and went about their day by day work. It appeared however pure to them that, if the Iring had not mounted the date of his banquet, it was owing to the truth that he was not ready, and wouldn’t most likely be so for a while to return. Nice was their shock at even to listen to the king’s summons to return there after which to the banquet. “ What was to be carried out ? ” they requested the royal messenger. He replied: “ Come without delay, whilst you now are.”


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