Catch the dwelling manners

If or not it’s certainly fascinating to “ Catch the dwelling manners as they rise,” it may be no much less so to protect a file of the previous. There’s a high quality ethical within the illustration of issues which have handed away, if or not it’s learn aright. We gaze on the pictured glories of Tyre and Sidon, of Nineveh and Carthage, and the lesson is a salutary one. In after-years, in like method, when the Constantinople of to-day shall have develop into modified, (because it absolutely will,) right into a mere metropolis of European palaces, and marts, and manufactories, it will likely be a reposing place for the spirit to dwell upon the illusion of that which it as soon as was, whereas Turkey was but (ostensibly at the least,) an impartial Empire, with a definite religion, and feeling, and precept of existence; ere the progress of occasions, political in addition to ethical, swept away, with the unsparing besom of reform, the net which the spider of antiquity had woven about “the palaces of the Caliphs.”


“ From its base emerged An important spring of water; which thence move’ In winding rills throughout the movery glade,

At which the beasts of earth and fowl of air Refreshed their palates, after dainty feed.”

KYAT-KUANA, known as by the Franks the “ Valley of the Candy Waters,” is a beautiful glen, nestled on the base of a sequence of hills, and located between Eyoub and Hassa Ku’i, the quarter of the Jews. It’s solely shut in on all sides; and appears from the heights above, that are bleak and arid, like an enormous emerald. By way of the thick grass of the valley, and underneath the shadow of its magnificent bushes, flows the Barbyses; a limpid, however inconsiderable stream, upon whose hanks rise two of probably the most fairy-like edifices that ever sheltered prince or peasant! The bigger constructing is a summer-palace, the place the favorite wives of the Sultan lounge away most of the lengthy sun-shiny days of the nice and cozy season in comparative freedom ; and trade the closely-latticed flats of the Imperial harem lor the shady groves and grassy paths of the palace gardens; dreaming by means of the new hours in gilded kiosques on the river financial institution ; or driving amid the tall airplane bushes in arabas, shiny with gilding, and drawn by cream-coloured oxen.

It should not be supposed, nonetheless, that, along with these enjoyments, the honest Sultanas are even right here permitted to look upon a world from which they’re elsewhere so jealously shut out; I’ve already enumerated all of the privileges of their summer season residence. “When the harem is about to take away to Kyat-Khana, a army cordon is established alongside the entire vary of the heights overlooking the valley, and the general public are solely shut out from that portion of it which instantly surrounds the palace. Occasional glimpses of the gorgeous prisoners might, nonetheless, he obtained, as they glide alongside the Barbyses, of their magnificent caiques, I carefully veiled, and adopted by different boats, crammed with a portion of the negro guard of the family.


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